The typical therapeutic approaches aren’t always effective and it’s often thought that therapy doesn’t really work for certain groups of people. While this might be the case for some individuals what if before we come to that conclusion we explore different options in the way we approach the counseling process and offer alternative options that might make the therapeutic process inviting to those who would rather have a root canal than sit across a total stranger and share their innermost thoughts.  Think Explore Therapy provides clients with an inviting experiential space that allows them to engage in different manual and artistic activities while participating in an approach to therapy that is less intrusive as it concedes for the organic development of the therapeutic relationship.

The idea behind Think Explore Therapy draws from the principles of Experiential Therapy which is more than just one form of therapeutic intervention it is constructed on different types of therapy and therapeutic interventions designed to focus on actual involvement with different types of experiences, including emotional processing, interactions with others, creativity, and reflections of events that go beyond traditional “talk therapy.”

The appeal of the approach utilized in Think Explore Therapy is that it engages the individual in a process of interaction and creation that allows for the development of insight into the nature of their inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences. These realizations very much like the insight that occurs in the more common talk therapy will allows the individual to develop insight and learning about their own nature, needs, and proactive methods to address these.

If you think this is an approach you or your child might be interested in please feel free to contact us for more information and schedule a visit to our dedicated Think Explore Therapy space.