Participating in Couples Therapy is a proactive choice towards building a loving, respectful, and mutually satisfying partnership. Most couples choose to seek therapy at critical times of relationship transition to help resolve conflicts or explore decisions that will impact their lives together. Other couples might be looking to enhance their relationship in a safe and reliable setting.

At Think talk Therapy couples are not categorized in a typical male-female role as we believe relationships should not have a specific configuration or rigid status. We approach any partnership between two people as unique and distinctive and welcome couples of all types. Our therapists can help you and your partner navigate the complexities of intimate relationships while helping you improve on your existing communication.

Think Talk Therapy offers Couples Therapy that helps you to better understand your partner and yourself while working together in an open, supportive, and non-judgmental space. Whether you need to address small daily stressors and bad habits, or something larger such as loss of trust or intimacy, we can help you to open the lines of communication and work towards better communication. We approach your partnership with objectivity; with the goal of helping you both experience the joys of respect, understanding, cooperation and sensitivity towards each other’s needs.

Let us help you to identify and address the emotional and often intense feelings that you and your partner are facing. We want to help your relationship to be as healthy as it can be.