Teenagers often struggle with issues that can be improved with therapy. It can sometimes be difficult to decide what behavior and feelings are “normal” for adolescents and what might warrant some guidance. As a parent or caregiver, you might have noticed that your child doesn’t seem happy, is losing weight, or has seemed unusually upset or angry. These changes in behavior could be triggered by pressures and stresses in a teenager’s life such as school performance, sports performance, or divorce and they might need someone to talk to.

Adolescent and Teenager Therapy focuses on addressing the issues that could be affecting them during this stage age group and works too increase the adolescent’s self-esteem. Elements of the treatment include helping the adolescent to better identify his or her emotions, tolerate negative emotions rather than numbing themselves or avoiding feelings, develop appropriate self-care, and promote healthy adolescent development. Most of the sessions take place one-on-one with the adolescent, but parents’ involvement is critical and they are invited to join sessions when appropriate. At Think Talk Therapy we often use non-traditional approaches to make the therapy session more enjoyable and relatable to children going through this difficult developmental stage. Some of the techniques developed and utilized on Think Explore Therapy are adapted to engage teenagers in a casual and relaxed therapeutic relationship. Using creative exploration, the process of psychotherapy becomes authentically organic to this difficult age group.

Think Talk Therapy understands the complexity of things teens cope with and have helped teens who are worried, stressed out, shy, being bullied by peers or trying to manage emotions related to a traumatic event. We can help your teenagers and adolescents find balance in life, develop inner strengths and skills to overcome difficult situations, and make internal thought process changes to help deal with stress.