Individual Psychotherapy is an ongoing therapeutic conversation between therapist and client. During these conversations, you will discuss matters that you find to relevant or need help understanding, the objective is then to focus on your inherent strengths to help you find solutions. One on one therapy can provide you with insight from an outside source that can help you to identify patterns that are holding you back in life.

The process allows you to explore and understand how various factors may be affecting your current difficulties. Psychotherapy is process in which people learn about themselves and discover ways to conquer troubling feelings or behaviors, develop inner strengths or skills, or make changes in themselves.  The work can also focus on improving your self-esteem, learning how your thoughts control your mood, decreasing anxiety and depression, improving self-esteem, and addressing adjustment disorders and maladaptive behaviors.

Exploring and understanding your situation, experiences, and behaviors can help to unlock new strategies and ways to cope with these issues. By learning tools to facilitate helpful rather than harmful responses, you have the power to attain a better sense of well-being. It doesn’t really matter what age you are, or the circumstances you are under, therapy can be a great first step to obtain a powerful transformation and become more self-aware.