Therapy is a powerful and transformative tool. It is a collaborative process that people use for different purposes, such as exploring thinking and relational patterns, or emotional barriers. Think Talk Therapy’s function is to support you in achieving personal growth and well-being.

Emotional variations are a normal part of life, but when persistent symptoms threaten your health and well being and negatively impact your relationships, then individual therapy can offer you relief from your current symptoms and provide you with an opportunity for personal growth.

We take pride in not having any typical clients at Think Talk Therapy. Our practice doesn’t group people into categories because we understand that there are a variety of reasons people choose counseling and to label them would be a simplistic view on the complexity of our humanity.  Some of the reasons why you chose to seek therapy might be that maybe the vision you had for your life doesn’t match the reality, or once you have achieved your goals it you are still feeling unfulfilled. Perhaps you are having a difficult time adjusting to a new stage of life or a move; loss of a loved one or are or dissatisfied with you job or a career. Or you have been experiencing panic attacks and anxiety that you are not quite sure of how to handle. There could be many other reasons that you feel are unique to you and question if anyone would be able to understand, it is perfectly normal to feel this way and this is where Think Talk Therapy can help.

Whatever your individual reason for seeking counseling at Think Talk Therapy we can help you build the life you want to live. Our therapists will guide you in identifying and understanding the characteristics of your challenges, help you replace unhealthy coping mechanisms with self-enhancing ones, and help you find a greater sense of well-being and fulfillment in the complexity of your life. There isn’t a one approach that helps all and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the precise formula that best meets your needs.